About Us

S L Web Creations (Pvt) Ltd (SL WEB) is a modern and business friendly web solution provider from Nugegoda, Sri Lanka (Reg. No: PV84300). The company boasts of 7 years of continuous and evolving life cycle as a business from scratch into a midsize expert web solution & hosting provider serving more than 400 local and foreign clients. Clients such as Toyota Sri Lanka, Laughs ARC, University of Colombo, McLarens Logistics, Sunbird are some of the most distinguish local entities that S L Web Creations (Pvt) Ltd served.

SL WEB likes to introduce itself as a corporate business partner which can bring value for its clients by making pixel correct, color balanced modern websites which can bring value and the business. We follow through the steps of the corporate business model of the customer and suggest the best available solution. We also make sure to add business value to the site by suggesting a complete SEO plan, as it would be very important to jump start your web presence with the new site in the internet. We also provide a complete yet affordable maintenance plan to keep things in the perfect condition as time passes.

SLWEB cofounded by Kushan Wijemanne and Sameera Weerawardana in the year 2010 and registered the business as a limited liability company in 2011. The company currently being operated in the address No.31/1, Nawala Road, Nugegoda, Sri Lanka.